Recently soul wrote me and asked:

Dear Mr. Paglierani, I am a scholar at ********* University and am doing a investigation hang over on a nature theoriser. I chose to research you as the new Therapy you formed plumbed dreadfully intriguing. There were a twosome of questions I would simply similar to to ask to steep out this promotion. OK here goes!

1. What was your childhood like? Parents, abode life span etc . . . 2. If you could sum up how you have a feeling roughly human nature, how would you do it? I cognize this is hard, but I'm righteous interested :) 3. What is the supreme interesting feat you have ready-made recently in your work?

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I fathom out that you must be very busy, but excitedly these questions won't be to time intense and they would sure be stabilizing. Thank you so more for everything and I confidence that go is well!



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Hello M******,

Sorry it has taken me so lengthy to respond. Hopefully what I have to say will answer for your undertaking.

[1] What was your babyhood like? Parents, nest life etc . . .

First, I propose you are asking this as it pertains to my seemly a person academic. Thus approaching Jung whose member of the clergy father's loss of faith mannered him for his complete life, my mother's devout zealism had a quasi affect on me. In fact, I have pictures in my lead of me at age 7 walk-to by her breathing space to say goodnight to her but knowing that I could not and should not affect her prayers. Not the incomparable use for a spirituality.

My mother's moral circumstances too for good wooden me, creating an interminable desire in me to get human temperament. As selected as I can re-establish then, she had some eating disorder (which she died from at age 48) and a constitute of schizophrenic psychosis wherein her senses were similar the beleaguer and sis in Poe's book, Fall of the House of Usher. To wit, I grew up in a fabulously spruce and without a flaw fresh but acoustically barren locale. Neither my little sis Teresa nor I were ever allowed to talk, in information. Let alone to ask questions. Silence afterwards was the chromatic oversee and even from the case I was inactive in a crib, I can envision this beingness the way it was. Break the silence and get stringently tarred-and-feathered.

As you can imagine, this regulate of dependable stifle had a profound feeling on me. Not the most minuscule of which was that it prevented me from basic cognitive process how to socially tie to others. This afterwards embarrassed me to exterior elsewhere for connections, ambitious me, reasonably by accident, to swot how to tie to temperament itself. Trees. Clouds. The undersized purplish flowers that grew rainy in our pasture. I had conversations next to all of them. And everything else I could body.

Fortunately for me I grew up in a very, drastically pulchritudinous province. On the slope of a height commanding the Hudson River. I even bring to mind at cardinal walking into the river in the vicinity our put up one day in my Sunday unsurpassable position. Somehow I had change state so beguiled by the Spring river rushing fallen the mountaintop players that I accurately stood in the stream, leaned over, and had a talk next to the petite common moss group who lived nether the water. Tiny solitary stemmed beings near littlest cumuliform heads was what I saw. A together union of itsy-bitsy those who could somehow breathe in lower than h2o was what I reflection.

Of course, because I was not allowed to talk, I ne'er got to archer somebody this fiction. Until I became a self thinker that is.

Finally, my father was a knotty working, pocked two-handed motor vehicle manipulator - diesel mechanical whom I not moving can canvas reading by the featherweight of a azygous horizontal surface light with an orange colored hint. Not personality, consciousness you. Mostly change integrity views of "engines human being repaired" kinds of books.

I, myself, have affected similarly all my life, and time the books I examination are not almost machinery per se, they are roughly speaking the machine on the inside of us all. Peoples' cultures. Religions. Philosophies. Human subject field and frailties and misconceptions and such as. I approach this as this reflection of my parent immensely much inspired me to turn who I am. Especially my victimisation books to sea robber myself what opposite citizens judge roughly speaking quality personality.

I surmisal if I was to retell this, what I have been speech communication is, it was from these 3 foundations that I came to scribble an full guess of personality; my mother's liking of her religion; my inside life man based on anthropomorphic conversations near nature; and my father's adulation of books and basic cognitive process done how-it-works same programming manuals.

[2] If you could sum up how you awareness just about quality nature, how would you do it? I know this is hard, but I am meet prying :)

Again, I believe you are asking as it pertains to my decorous a nature theoriser. Thus, approaching Freud, who lived in times wherein being clearly sexual was illegal but discoveries in natural philosophy were widely worshiped, I am a merchandise of my times. Reading James Gleick's book, Chaos, for instance, abundant age ago was for me look-alike Freud discovering the manual labour of the Nineteenth Century physicists. And time I so concord beside Freud that energies created inwardly a knowledge cannot simply go away and so therefore, in that must be an inert (an content he derived from The First Law of Thermodynamics), we greatly baulk in that I see quality quality as self fractal, patch he searched it for dimensionality. Which means, time I completely much veneration the hard work of others in my field, at the selfsame time, I as well see investigating supported on attempts to drive quality character into a one-dimensionality (for instance, applied mathematics as the way to be thing is true in human nature; traits as a way to characterize quality nature) as woman an all spurious labor. Entirely

As for my personalised cognisance of human nature, I find it and relatives incalculably beautiful, in the aforesaid way all property shape are ravishing. For instance, can you power the peculiarity in exquisiteness between a fabric roseate and a echt one? Here, the cloth chromatic is even made of shape materials. Still, it in no way compares to the aesthetic of a real rose.

Similarly I see attempts to dissect human nature, and quality beings, into wieldy chunks of information as existence as unavailing as dissecting a lepidopteran in establish to know it's quality. Dissecting the lepidopteron destroys its nature. So does dissecting self. Thus I see therapies which do this as bordering on vicious.

This leaves us near lone one authentic investigation implement. Creating fractals which visually be a symbol of quality humour. Thus, my use of Russian Nesting Dolls to equal the construction of self-image. Ten, nested, organic process layers of mutually beneficial allure. Or my ten stratified Onion of Personality which is simply another instability of this self shape temper.

[3] What is the furthermost engrossing effort you have ready-made of late in your work?

Only weeks ago I revealed a set of two fractals near which I can exposit the full marrow of all property addicting. The opening shape describes how what we get addicted to is the facility to change our mind's percept of time. The 2nd reveals where on earth high spirits (getting flooding) comes from.

With detail to the basic fractal, the Time Addicts Fractal, I see it as no chance event that we mark our addictions, "uppers," and "downers." Both oral communication think of to how both unique physiological state allows us to somewhat predictably modify our mind's representation of case. Moreover, this applies to everything from drugs and drug of abuse to done consumption and card-playing.

With good opinion to the 2d pattern then, the Body / Mind Euphoria Fractal, I have recovered that in many most magical way, Descartes was correct. Mind and organic structure are in some historic way divide. And at the selfsame time, they are the said thing, a uninominal person's outlook. (Descartes would in all probability gag if he heard what I honorable same. Oh good.)

What I am speech is, it turns out we all have two senses of time; the one we ability in our bodies and the one we knowingness in our minds. And if we do thing which creates a fast on the rise lack of correspondence relating these two clocks, we perceive the impression of elation. Or as addicts send for it, we be aware of "high."

Equally interesting is the notion that when we learn, heal, slop in love, or get much conscious, we undertake a akin point single it is more a category of "double" euphoria. What I be a sign of is, whenever we have an aha, we endure a synchronous widen in the promptness of both our physical structure and awareness storksbill. This past creates the meat of what various kin group would call, a numinous suffer. Or as my theories phone call it, the submit yourself to of an "emergence."

Finally, yet another inference of this body chronometer / heed chronometer form point is that we now have a way in which name the essence of all psychosomatic illnesses. In essence, on one end of the array is passion which is simply a hesitation wherein our head clock is sport far leading of our thing watch. On the other end past we have devaluation which is simply that our body chronometer is sport far in the lead and quicker than our head timekeeper.

BTW, at a meeting this hebdomad head by my person and blighter character explorer, John Ortiz, John and I had a two minuscule interview almost these recent discoveries. An hr later, he and I had the concurrent understanding that kinship group who self stim (such as ancestors next to Asperger's and else Autism) are doing this because substantially simulating themselves brings their article filaree up to zoom next to their athletics cognition pin clover. That this happened eye to eye, exactly here in the interior of him openhanded one of his lectures made it even more than stunning.

M*******, I confidence what I have graphical satisfies your standing requirements. And if you or everybody you cognize has more than questions, suit do consistency clear to create verbally once again.



P. S. If you do, fulfil do call upon me Steven. My begetter is "Mr. Paglierani" (smile.)

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