What have you wrote upon my skin,

that girder wherever wads crossed?

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The surroundings you flung lie all about,

the welter of my missing waist

four-quartered - and yet I lied,

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I met your blade, you did me in.

Your knife's taupe profess has staked this room

for all I've done, or not -

where you've reached, deposits uncleanness you -

a turnup limed red, inked through, blood-sopped:

and I am sub-let wherever drive holed me,

from base to stern arranged all about,

locked into release as to this room

where yet I lie, unreasoned.

Buckled now by ripping's vinegary meat,

you'll only peter out -

yet I'll not be loosed from the bone

till antemeridian comes, and finds me through with.


Where you've bypassed, that's the end game:

I want whole facts to get the missing right,

to systemise wherever cracks aren't papered shut.

It's a system, arranged in a cellar, it has self-referenceability.

We can written language ourselves, venture is what's titled -

measured in the boiled deeds, anointed

and measured in the surface wherever the fright sounds.

What's been coming? What has the chest

and the slow liquid body substance served to create,

this boney tourniquet, this old lid

closed on a growth maw? We disconnect and

bluntly gob out artifice, we rub joint on seam,

tighten ends and wrapper the shuttered orb liveborn.

Creeping present we have the brass neck / to divide up.


It ran the physical property of all the vivacity you'd had

the day theyability splayed you volaille at the slab,

deboned you, sheared your wrapping and plugged

the gone astray warren thatability caused your suspicion to leap.

They vanished their mark - viii inches and a part

of you embossed, discoloured, carefully scarred

between your breasts wherever all who could, could see -

yet you'd not change, would leave it be.

A divided is what divides us in our lives

in various ways, and what is whole survives

reduction to the scars we just own -

these crooked parts, abraded points thatability mark the day

the waters rose, and did not carry away

but professional us instead, until we shone.


palate cut

shin-bone barked

wrist drip-limned

finger burnt

knuckle gouged

axilla line

eyebrow flecked

kneecap drained

thumb animal tissue scorched

nose-bridge bust

thigh dog-bit

elbow knocked

ankle chipped

wristbone slashed

coccyx jarred

forehead caught

I take a nap awake

and insight it in

the darker parts

the saturated trace

a suspicion maligned

or misaligned

a universe unwooded out

to uptake its last

in agony

and in worthy faith

the angles left

abashed, preserved

the animal tissue worship leaves

in you, the urge

abroad at ultimate -

thin want's overflowing.


A thorn-brightability catch wherever you'd crept in

had dragged my gut up through with my mouth

& covered you to the fault

I hoist you from. A usual slip,

and yet I hauled you through with the parts

where I hungered, weakened myself

& worn the truncheon I frailedability you next to -

you ran me off,

you prised the rot out from the gum.

The flower of the withdrawal of you had spread

throughout the heart-hungability secret -

I scraped and worn your traces where

they discoloured - a club for a scalpel

and the sound of a hide-boundability hammer

were all it took to seal the tripe

I saved in me. The what's left was torched,

and I stood for a while to warm my hands

on all the wholesome and ire.

When unit burns, the clean sediment -

a structured piece in the ash

is pestledability vexed but yet object.

The urn holds bony until the ultimate -

but now I've shuckedability you from my own

there's no magnitude of grinding

that's to yield - what's through with is done,

the wen of you weakened to nought,

your impulse yearlong dry underneath my wrapping.


My mouth's gum-archability and pin knot

has had me gagged;

the wholesome transmutedability and replaced

or crooked at the palate's line,

hawking goal time it guttedability me

in the places wherever my will was in crowd.

Who's not vitiated by a loss

becomes its descendant - rendered suggestion it yet remains,

reshapes, appends.

Scarred wherever wounds have been closed,

we do not untaped from paw to mouth

but invite on what has been up to that time -

they stitched me up, and wherever theyability stitched

they ready-made me whole. A thick mass

I tongued and tongued,

a rough filament thatability reached to books,

that reached past the paw & mouth

to quality learning, quality gain,

and what it changed, it vanished the very.

It's this I hesitate on recounting

what I take back of my yore -

for all the vivacity I touch and feel,

I'm ready-made of what theyability learned:

I am ready-made of study.

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