Weak, restless, and weary

Quite a coupling certainly

Not strong, likely to collapse

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Under hassle or strain

Yet fidgety not able to tame

Wild and minus reason

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Incessantly searching

For an intangible something

Weary in economically doing

Nevertheless continually pursuing

Becoming more feeble while doing

Fragile, frail, feeble, and unfirm

Unstable and steady do I squirm

Eating particulate matter approaching a nasty old worm

Unhealthy, ineffectual, and aging

Lacking in force, neither forging

Boldly ahead, as I for certain ought

This lengthy battle, I have fought

For family, finances, and fulfillment

How such longest can I get through it

What shall I do when thought impotent

Without resources, nor resilient?

To think or write off as thyself inadequate

If a attitude peak terminal and deficient

However bury philosophy. I essential be potent

Powerful and purposive to use my potential

Undying, resolute, and copious in loot

Yet mentally and actually exhausted

Faint and forgotten, I've most gone it

Fatigued over and done test and impatient

Dissatisfied and demoralized, I dramatize

Wishing my dreams to wondrously realize

My comfort is my potential to create mentally and fantasize

Give me resurrection of christ strength God to actualize

My face-to-face sway and skilfulness mightily utilize

Unceasingly active and irked inside I despise

My tireless work that fails to materialize

In more than a few sort of grandiose gratification

Meaning monetary system sums and satisfaction

Hence my edgy tendency and exertion

As I dispense my all and have consternation

I condition both mild constitute of variation

Some mythical place acuteness and inspiration

I generate no exculpation for my irritation

As I wait a miraculous manifestation

A marvelous monetary flood for alleviation

Of all my swelling debts, doubts, and pouts

Of these recent circumstances, I want out.

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